I like it. What is it?  We've heard this a lot over the last month so maybe it's time to clarify. 
bonds. Hackney is a store, coffee spot, event space and so much more.


With Earl of East London and Kana under it’s roof, bonds. made the perfect vessel to house two local businesses with a demand to expand. Both share a common goal of creation and sought a platform to present their handcrafted goods, naturally taking residency in the creative sanctuary of bonds.

As many independent craftspeople will tell you, workshops are an integral part of building a community, but finding a suitable venue to welcome guests often comes with difficulty. We wanted bonds. to be a neutral, customer facing space, where both studios could fuse together and result in a retail stage to exhibit not only their own products, but those of local brands and makers. We wanted this area to act as a workspace and have the ability to forge a creative hub for artisans everywhere.
Being located on Gransden Avenue, London Fields means that creative talent is never far away. The building itself holds an incredibly rich and vibrant heritage of craftsmanship and we take great comfort in knowing that the legacy of creation is being continued in many different ways, shapes and forms. The surrounding properties were designed as live/work environments and many of the residents use spaces within their homes for work purposes.
Throughout the Hackney neighbourhood, many of the businesses are multi-functional, acting as a place to make, store, distribute and sell their products simultaneously. This is something that bonds. whole-heartedly embraces and we truly believe that this is the future of retail.
We really feel at home here and can’t wait to see where the next few years will take us. We would love for you to pass through our doors and to see our creative vision take form. Whether you’re here for one of our many workshops, to browse our locally stocked shelves or to enjoy a warm cup of Allpress Coffee – let’s make bonds.